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Fur Real? Pet Hair Lifter
Removing pet hair from your clothes and furniture can be time-consuming and frustrating. Natural Magic® Fur Real?™ Pet Hair Lifter to the rescue! Our reusable sponge allows you to remove unwanted pet hair from a variety of surfaces quickly and easily. When your cuddly cat and your loveable dog, loves and cuddles furniture, bedding and your favorite clothes too, Fur Real?™ Pet Hair Lifter is perfect for:
  • Dog hair removal
  • Cat hair removal
Remove unwanted pet hair and live a fur-free life with the Fur Real? Pet Hair Lifter.

How It Works
Fur Real?™ Pet Hair Lifter is a dry reusable sponge for pet hair removal. Simply wipe the dry sponge over clothing, furniture, bedding and other surfaces to instantly remove pet hair. Works on upholstery and automobile interiors too!

Natural Magic -- Simple Solutions for Serious Smells™.

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Item Number: 2547
Price: $6.29
Size: 1 Sponge

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Product Dimensions: 1.4 x 2.5 x 4 inches
Shipping Weight: 10 oz. (283g)
Unit of Measure: Ounces
Coverage: Reusable after washing with soap and water
Color/Scent: Beige/Unscented
Item Number: 2547
Bar Code Number: 781748025479
ITF Number: 10781748025476

  • Reusable dry sponge
  • Instantly removes pet hair
  • Easy to clean with soap and water
  • Use dry sponge again and again
  • Removes pet hair from clothing and a variety of surfaces in your home and car
  • Cleans a variety of other surfaces (see list below)

  • More uses for the Fur Real? Pet Hair Lifter
    • Cleans dust, dirt and pollen from window screens
    • Cleans lampshades, venetian blinds and drapes
    • Cleans auto interiors
    • Cleans dust from acoustical tiles, lights and ceiling vents
    • Cleans baseboards and areas above heat registers
    • Cleans computer screens
    • Cleans walls and woodwork for painting
    • Cleans pet hair from carpets, upholstery and clothing
    • Cleans wallpaper, woodwork and painted walls
    • Cleans carpets and pet areas
    • Cleans windows and mirrors
    • Cleans auto upholstery
    • A great lint remover
    • Cleans TV and computer screens
    • And more!

    Removing pet hair from clothing, a variety of surfaces around your home and in your car is easy with Fur Real?™ Pet Hair Lifter. Use on upholstery, carpet, drapes, clothing, bedding, pet areas and more!

    For best results, follow the directions below to remove pet hair.

    • Remove outer plastic wrap.
    • Hold the Fur Real? Pet Hair Lifter in your hand.
    • Beginning at the top of the surface to be cleaned, gently wipe DRY sponge over clothing, furniture, bedding or other hairy surfaces with an even sweeping motion. Will not scratch or smear surfaces./li>
    • Exert moderate pressure.
    • As sponge becomes saturated with dust and dirt, use unsoiled areas to finish cleaning.
    • You can bang the Fur Real? Pet Hair Lifter against a hard surface to remove dust and dirt and use it again and again.
    • When the sponge becomes very soiled, Pet Hair lifter may be washed with soap and water.
    • Allow to dry thoroughly before reuse.
    • DO NOT STORE near heat or in direct sunlight.
    • This product contains natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reaction.


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