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Is That The Cat? Odor Absorbing Rocks
Odor rocks! Well, not really. But Natural Magic® Odor Absorbing Rocks do! Made of zeolite rocks, these non- toxic, volcanic odor eliminating rocks absorb odors –naturally. Fragrance-free and safe for pets, Natural Magic® Odor Absorbing Rocks are the environmentally-friendly way to attack odors throughout your home. They are a safe, effective, and renewable natural odor eliminator.

Zeolite rocks are natural odor absorbers. Our odor eliminating rocks get rid of:
  • cat litter odors
  • bathroom odors
  • kitchen odors
  • …and more!
So go green with your household stink control and grab a bag (or more) of Natural Magic® Odor Absorbing Rocks.

How It Works
Natural Magic® Is That The Cat?™ Odor Absorbing Rocks are earth-friendly, volcanic zeolite rocks which contain an electric charge. These natural odor absorbers attract and eliminate lingering odors like a magnet, without adding fragrance. Simply place odor eliminating rocks in direct sunlight for six hours to recharge for years of repeated use.

Natural Magic -- Simple Solutions for Serious Smells™

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Item Number: 2543
Price: $4.99
Size: 6 oz

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Product Dimensions: 5 x 1 x 6 inches
Shipping Weight: 6 oz. (283g)
Unit of Measure: Ounces
Coverage: Use in any room, rechargeable for years in direct sunlight
Color/Scent: Clear/Fragrance-Free
Item Number: 2543
Bar Code Number: 781748025431
ITF Number: 10781748025438
MSDS: Download the Is That The Cat?™ Odor Absorbing Rocks MSDS

  • Natural odor absorbers
  • Non-toxic, volcanic odor eliminating zeolite rocks
  • Renewable -- recharge in direct sunlight
  • Safe for use anywhere around the house
  • Environmentally friendly way to eliminate odor
  • Economical, lasts for years

  • More uses for Natural Magic® Is That The Cat?™ Odor Absorbing Rocks
    Is That The Cat? Odor Absorbing Rocks eliminates the following odors without fragrances or chemicals:
    • Pet Odors
    • Pet Beds
    • Cat Litter Boxes
    • Dog Kennels
    • Moldy, Musty Odors
    • Smoke
    • Cooking Smells
    • Refrigerator Odors
    • Freezer Odors
    • Garbage Odors
    • Bathroom Odors
    • Garage Odors
    • Basement Odors
    • Car Odors
    • Diaper Odors
    • Gym Odors
    • Office Odors
    • …and more!

    Odor eliminating rocks are natural, easy to use and last for years. Put Natural Magic® Is That The Cat?™ Odor Absorbing Rocks anywhere around the house. For best results, please follow the directions below for natural odor control.

    • Open while holding the product over a wastebasket.
    • Remove the two layers of plastic wrap covering the bag. Use the wastebasket to catch any loose particles.
    • NEVER open the net bag.
    • Place or hang the net bag near the odor source.
    • Allow 4 to 8 hours for the Odor Absorbing Rocks to be totally effective.
    • One bag will eliminate odors in an area size of up to 300 square feet.
    • Every 6 months (or as needed) leave the net bag outdoors in direct sunlight for 6 hours. This will completely restore the effectiveness of the volcanic mineral.
    • Product is effective in temperatures from -40*F to +115*F.
    • Reuse over and over again for years!
    • When removing plastic wrap, dust may be present. The dust may cause eye, skin and respiratory irritation.
    • Avoid contact with eyes and skin.


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